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Insta Pro APK Introduction:

Are you fed up with the current Instagram features, filters and themes and want to use the Instagram beyond limitations available in the official Instagram app? Install the Insta Pro APK. It comes with the original Instagram features plus the dynamic new range of features.

Insta Pro APK will allow you to use the app beyond limitations of the original Instagram App. Insta Pro APK is similar to Instagram as GB WhatsApp is to official WhatsApp app.

InstaPro APK

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InstaPro APK Download v10.45 Latest Version

Features of Insta Pro APK

It comes with advance features unavailable in the official app. The prime feature of the Insta Pro APK is that it will allow you to use Instagram by blocking ads, yes you will enjoy the app without the unwanted ads. The story does not end here. You will enjoy many more exciting features like hidden story view, saving reel in one click and enlarging profile images with also having the original Instagram features will make your experience of using Instagram to next level. Following is the detail of features.

Adding Multiple Accounts in same APK:

You will find many Instagram apps but the Insta Pro APK will let you allow to use multiple Instagram accounts to same APK. This feature is not available in any Instagram app available.

Anti-Delete Messages:

Insta Pro’s excellent feature of anti-delete message will allow you to see messages and posts whom the sender has deleted. To make it applicable, go in the settings and make that option applicable. You have now access to the deleted messages and posts in the “Deleted” named tab of your inbox in Insta Pro. You have now access to deleted posts and messages even by the public accounts so be very vigilant to use or share this information with others.

Hidden Story View:

Official Instagram app gives information about everyone who have watched their Instagram story in story view list but if you are user of InstaPro then you can watch the stories of others and they cannot have your name in the story view list. In other words you can watch the stories of others without coming into their notice. You just need to activate this option in the settings then InstaPro app will allow you that feature.

Hide Typing Status in DM:

Sometimes you are typing a long message, a message to very important person or in a very tense conversation where your status of typing message will make you cautious or will drag your attention out from composing the message.

I give you an example. Suppose your boss as asked you to explain about your mistake right now. You are thinking, typing the text and to make it appropriate continuously editing the text before sending it. Then you do not want your boss to notice the long awaited typing status. Insta Pro gives you this liberty. If you have activated this option, then no one will see your status of typing no matter how much time you take to type. Only your typed message will be placed before them.

Custom App Icons:

You might have been bored to see the same old Instagram icon but if you use Insta Pro then you can choose from the variety of different icons and can enjoy your desired set icon to have a fresh look of this app.

Increase Quality of Stories:

Bring your using experience of Instagram to the next level by sharing your stories with high quality and capture the attention of more people. Quality of video or images will make you a unique user of Instagram and in this your partner will be Insta Pro.

Messages Marked as Read:

When someone sends you message, they wait for you to read and sometimes wants to know at what time you saw the message. In this way sometimes you become bound to reply the message just after reading the message.

Now if you are a user of Insta Pro  then by adjusting in settings you can mute this option and now sender will never know at what time you read the message. This option gives you ample time to write the message at the time of your desire. You can now take as much time as you want for replying to the message.

Dark Mode in Insta Pro:

You would have got the idea by now what is meaning of a dark mode. Imagine yourself using the app in a very low light, then covert this app’s settings to a dark mode. This option will release the pressure of sharp light on your eyes and also turn out to be a moderate and elegant experience for you to use this app. You can get this luxury if you have installed Insta Pro.

Font Options Insta Pro 2 APK:

This provides you a wide range of 20 different types of fonts to make your experience of using this app more diverse and unique. It will push your boundaries of creating eye catching and unique style text which will differentiate you from other users of Instagram. Insta Pro 2 will definitely make you a pro user of Instagram.


Featuring New Stickers and filters:

InstaPro with a unique and vast range of stickers and filters will allow you to create excellent stories and highlights. If you make yourself able to manage good combinations of these filters and stickers then InstaPro will definitely make yourself a unique and matchless Instagram Story creator.

Privacy and Security of Insta Pro:

Insta Pro has state of the art privacy and security features. It will always keep you on the driving seat of the app. You can always watch who visited your profile, you can hide from others your status whether you are online or not and you can turn off the time you received the message and read that.

Worry free Enjoyment:

Enjoy the Insta Pro app worry free because Insta Pro has many features that have built in anti-ban measures to lowering the risk of your account suspension from Instagram.

Downloading and Sharing:

Insta Pro app will provide you liberty to download videos or images directly from app to your device in high quality. You are now free to keep these to your device or to share these with others.

Use More than One Account:

If you are using more than one Instagram accounts then Insta Pro will allow you to just switch between those accounts to experience their use and do not require from you to log in and log out again and again during this process.

No Ads:

Install Insta Pro and enjoy the Instagram experience without any annoying, irritating or repeating ads. You just need to turn off all the advertisements and then enjoy feeds, Instagram stories and scroll into the app without watching any ads.

App Lock Feature In Insta Pro:

This feature in InstaPro when activated will lock the app and only authorized person will be able to access the app. It will make you app more secure and all your data of this app will be accessible to only you.

Unfollow Tracker:

This feature make easy for individuals and businesses to keep a track of their followers and to whom they engaged on this app. They can plan future strategies through this data. In InstaPro they can plan better with having more clear social media insights.

Restore and Backup:

Insta Pro keep your data always safe and in any worst case scenario like accidental deletion, account being suspended or some unfortunate situation then this feature will have a backup of your data and will restore your account.

Quick Access Features:

If you like in settings of Insta Pro you can make double tap to like the post and if you triple tap on the image or video, it will start downloading. Insta Pro when installed will make the long tap on the screen to zoom the image. These unique and state of the art features make InstaPro an excellent choice for Instagram users. Following is the method to install the Insta Pro app.

Installation Method:

Firstly disable the play protect scanning app feature to Download Insta Pro App and then start downloading the InstaPro APK file from the download button of its website. Downloading will start if you have authorized your device to download files from the unknown device.

When the file is downloaded, open it and start the process of Installation. If the Dialogue boxes appear, they will ask necessary access for smooth installation of the app. When the installation process has been completed on your device, open the app and when asked put your login details of Instagram. You are good to go and start your amazing experience of InstaPro apk Download.


There are many substitutes available of Instagram app but if you compare the features of all those Instagram substitutes then Insta Pro is the best option to get among those. Insta Pro will give you amazing experience to use Instagram ads free.

It Will give you vast range of stickers and filters, will allow you to use multiple Instagram accounts, give you advanced photo or video editing tools and filters, customization options, giving you improved and enhanced security and privacy features.

Insta Pro gives you option to download photo, video or stories and give you other unique and matchless features which can take your experience of using Instagram to the next level. Only drawback of Insta Pro is that it is not available in IOS till now so you can only use it in android devices. So Install Insta Pro and enjoy the never ending unique experience of Instagram by being a Pro.


Can Insta Pro be used on PC?

Answer: To use Insta Pro on your PC, Install GB Instagram APK on your PC and install it within the emulator. After it has been installed, you can access the InstaPro features and utilities on your PC. Now you can use Instagram with enhanced features on your PC.

Can Insta Pro be used without internet?

Answer: No like official Instagram app Insta Pro app also needs an active internet connection. You need an active and working internet connection to get updates and use enhanced features of Insta Pro app.

Can InstaPro be directly updated from the app?

Answer: InstaPro is not compatible with the in-app updates available or coming time to time in the app. They cannot work properly if installed directly from the app.

If you need to update your Insta Pro visit the trusted website where updated version of InstaPro is available. Now first download that updated version on your device and then install it on your device. Now you can enjoy the updated features of Insta Pro app on your device.

Is InstaPro app legal to use?

Answer: It is still unclear to every one whether the use of InstaPro is legal or not. There are two types of school of thought on this topic. One is of the view that use of InstaPro is violation of terms of service of Instagram app and its use is illegal.

The other school of thought is that the use of InstaPro is fair to use, we just have extra features of the app and we are using and promoting the name of Instagram. Now the final decision of whether to use the InstaPro app or not is totally up to you.

Can use of Insta Pro app increase your followers?

Answer: If you want to just increase the number of followers by doing nothing using the Insta Pro app then the answer is no but if you use the enhanced features wisely and your high quality photos, videos and Instagram stories will also help you increase the number of followers on your Instagram.

The simple answer is that you can increase the organic number of followers through the efficient use of enhanced features of Instagram and there is no other way Insta Pro can increase the number of your followers on Instagram.

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